For 60 years, the name Scirocco has been synonymous with quality, service and innovation in the insurance industry.


John Scirocco, Sr., began offering property and casualty insurance in 1950 when he first opened Auf Der Heide Agency, in West New York, NJ. In 1987, the agency relocated to North Bergen and Scirocco Associates was formed.

Scirocco Group’s current President and CEO, John Scirocco, Jr., joined the firm in 1980. Building on his vision of an organization dedicated to establishing strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and strategic relationships with carriers, Scirocco Associates flourished. With an eye on growth, and a search for a means to deliver innovative insurance solutions, Scirocco Associates became Scirocco Financial Group.


In 1994, with a staff of 15 and a focus on creating a benefits division, Cecilia Driza joined the firm. As partner, Cecilia has shared her vision and expertise in the industry and benefits area. Cecilia lost her battle with cancer in 2013, but her work ethic, commitment and strength continues to emanate and inspire throughout the organization.