The Tri-State Area’s Leading Campground Insurance Agency


Scirocco Group’s Warren Oliver has positioned himself as the Tri-State Area’s Premier Producer for Campground Insurance. Warren is a camper himself and understands that a campground is not a standard business and shouldn’t be insured that way. A campground is more of a micro city and it needs to be protected appropriately.

Warren Oliver

Warren Oliver

Coverages Available & Program Highlights:

General Liability

• Broadened Coverage Form
• Non-auditable Policy
• No Deductible
• Fireworks Liability
• Expanded Bodily Injury Definition
• Nonowned Watercraft up to 51’
• Personal and Advertising Injury Definition Expanded
• Transmissible Pathogens Coverage


• More Than 25 Coverage Expansions
• Equipment Breakdown Included
• Vacancy Clause Redefined to Address Seasonal Operations
• Building Definition Redefined to Include: tent platforms, pavilions & shelters, signs, boat &canoe racks, permanently installed playground equipment
• Business Interruption, Communicable Disease and Food Contamination Extension
• Emergency Vacating Expenses Covered up to $25,000, Crisis Response Coverage- $25,000, Full Building Ordinance “A” Coverage
• Inland Marine
• Commercial Crime

Commercial Auto
Excess Liability
Workers’ Compensation

Common Associated Exposures:
• Golf courses
• Playgrounds
• Golf driving ranges
• Recreational boating/canoeing
• Hiking trails
• Horseback riding
• Swimming
• Miniature golf

Monthly Campground Newsletters

Warren shares informational newsletters with his clients on a monthly basis regarding all things Campgrounds. He also includes useful attachments such as the Campground Panic File (Emergency Response Program) PDF, Safety Posters, Campground Specific Employee Manuals, Campground Safety Manuals and much more.

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