How to File for an Individual Mandate Exemption

        The Individual Mandate Exemptions


If you think you qualify for an exemption to the individual mandate, you will need to file for an exemption. Visit to access the exemption application. If you receive an exemption, make sure you keep the letter sent to you from the Marketplace with your exemption certificate number (ECN).You will need your ECN when you file your taxes in order to use the exemption.

Although most exemptions must be obtained through the exemption application in the Marketplace, a few are available when you file your federal income tax return. For example, if you have a gap of coverage for fewer than three months, you will access this exemption when you file your federal income tax return and do not need to apply for an exemption through the Marketplace.

One of the key components of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is that everyone is required to obtain health coverage. If you don’t have coverage, you are not only responsible for paying all of your health care expenses out of pocket, but you will also be subject to a fee. However, in a few special situations, you may qualify for an exemption from the penalty.