Fire Sprinkler Evaluation Process for Commercial Property Fire Coverage

        Commercial Property Fire Coverage


The ISO fire sprinkler evaluation process consists of a review of the following areas:

     • System design based on the requirements of occupancy

     • Available water supply

     • System installation and components

     • System testing

     • Inspection of areas of the building without sprinklers

     • Building conditions affecting the sprinkler operation

A fire in your workplace can be extremely costly. In addition to the costs associated with fixing the damages, there is also a good chance that your day-to-day business activities will be interrupted during the repairs. To avoid potential expenses related to workplace fires, it is important that you have adequate fire coverage. Fire coverage is included as part of most property insurance policies for commercial buildings. However, it is important that you understand your policy to make sure it provides all the protection you need and that you are paying the right amount in premiums.