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HealthTop Our Health care Division constantly assesses and addresses the insurance needs of Physicians and Facilities. We understand the complexities and changing risks that you face and pride ourselves on giving good advice to, and designing cost effective solutions for our clients. We can assist your bottom line by helping you to control insurance costs and reduce risk.

We Provide Solutions for:
• Physician Groups

• Ambulatory Surgical Centers

• Dialysis Centers

• Hospice Services

• Radiology & Imaging Centers

• Home Healthcare Providers

• Adult Day Care Facilities
Suggested Coverages:
• Medical Malpractice

• Privacy & Security / Data Breach Coverage

• Medicare Billing E & O

• Employee Benefits

• Property & Business Interruption

• Discrimination / Sexual Harassment
To read more on the coverages you should have please download our complimentary brochures which further detail the coverages you should have in place.