Hurricane Joaquin Tips for your Business

        Loss of power or phones will not affect our ability to meet your insurance needs.


Hurricane Joaquin is forecast to track up the East Coast over the next few days. There is still much uncertainty of the storms path at this point. However, we wanted to reach out to our friends and clients to provide some tips to help you prepare your business against the storm.

     • Backup all data on servers and personal computers.

     • Turn off all non-critical devices such as server monitors and workstations
     and other non-essential electrical equipment prior to the storm’s arrival.

     • Check/maintain all necessary backup equipment, such as emergency generators
     and communication devices.

     • Relocate vital records, equipment, tools, stored materials, and other business
     property from low lying areas, especially basements or flood prone low lying areas.

     • Raise property in areas that could flood off the ground level at least 4’ if it
     cannot be moved to a different location or floor.

     • Take the following steps so that items outdoors will not blow away or cause

          ◦ Remove all loose debris

          ◦Anchor or relocate all nonessential equipment to a safe indoor location

          ◦Secure storage of flammable liquid drums, or move them to a sheltered area
          (but never into main facility areas)

          ◦Anchor all portable buildings (e.g., trailers) to the ground

          ◦Secure large cranes and other heavy equipment

          ◦Make sure outdoor signs are properly braced

          ◦Ensure that the employees who volunteer to stay on site have proper supplies
          and equipment (drinkable water, nonperishable food, medical,
          flashlights, extra gasoline, walkie-talkies).

     • Fill fuel tanks of generators, fire pumps, and all company-owned vehicles.

     • Move all vehicles and movable equipment to a safe, high lying area.

     • Clean out drains and catch basins.

Your safety and well-being are our main concern and we are here to assist you in any way possible.

If you require access to your policies, claims, or certificates, please log in to your Scirocco 24/7 account. There will be someone accesible by telephone throughout the storm, and after, to provide answers for your questions, receive claims, and adopt policy changes on your behalf. They are prepared to stay on the line with you until you are satised with your service. Log In Here


If you prefer to contact us by phone, please visit our contact page for important phone numbers to utilize during the storm.