Industries at Greatest Risk of Search Engine Risks

        Search Engine Risks


According to the DOJ, industries considered a part of critical infrastructure businesses account for a disproportionate amount of computer security incidents. If your company is in any of these industries, be especially careful about Internet searches to ensure computer safety and protect against potentially devastating loss, both monetary and in down time. These industries include:

     • Agriculture

     • Chemical and drug manufacturing

     • Computer system design

     • Finance

     • Health care

     • Internet service providers

     • Petroleum mining and manufacturing

     • Publications/broadcasting

     • Real estate

     • Telecommunications

     • Transportation and pipelines

     • Utilities

It’s no secret that your technology company depends on the capabilities of your computer systems to function. So you should be aware that simple actions your employees take could be putting your company’s equipment and networks at risk of cybercrime, including cyber attacks, cyber theft and other computer security incidents. According a 2013 survey of more than 800 small businessowners by the National Small Business Association, the average cost of a single cyber attack was nearly $9,000. Your business is at stake, meaning you should do everything you can to protect yourself.