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With more than 30 years experience insuring public entities comes a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the unique risks our public clients face. We are often called upon by other agencies to provide support in this capacity.
Public entities face unique challenges regarding risk management. While juggling shrinking tax bases and swelling operational costs, public administrators are under pressure to maintain – if not improve – municipal services. As a result, many are pressed to manage risk at the lowest possible cost. However, the increase in the number of claims against public entities during times of economic downturn emphasizes the danger of potentially disastrous gaps in property and liability coverage for any public entity.


• Consultative Services

• Customized Program Development

• Administration

• Budget and Union Contract Negotiations
Specializing in:

• Insured

• Self-insured

• Reinsured

• Pooling Programs

• Municipalities

• Schools

• Counties

• Authorities


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