Recommendations on Technology-Based Enrollment


  • • Introduce the new enrollment software and train employees before open enrollment begins. Make sure all employees are comfortable with the software and that someone is available to answer additional questions and provide further help.
  • • Use various communication mediums for initial alerts concerning open enrollment to prepare employees for the process.
  • • Use existing resources to promote technology-based enrollment such as your company’s intranet, bulletin board postings or your newsletter.
  • • Encourage management to promote the use of technology-based enrollment to increase employee buy-in.
  • • Establish online communities or blogs where employees can discuss successes and problems they are having while enrolling. That way, they can assist one another with the process and HR can address any problems that employees may be having.
The enrollment period is a daunting time for both employers and employees; it is a lot of work for companies and can be a confusing process for workers. For instance, if you have 500 employees and offer 10 benefit plans with several documents correlated to each plan, you may be sifting through as many as 20,000 documents during open enrollment. However, by using technology-based enrollment, you can save time and money, make the process more efficient and user-friendly for your HR department and your employees.