School Security: Physical Security of Your Building

        Prepare Your School for Security and Disaster Threats


Bomb threats, suspicious devices and terrorism are just a few threats to the physical property of your school. Reviewing security issues, including access control and perimeter security, is important. Taking appropriate measures to ensure security includes:

     • Survey locks, fences, exterior lights and other physical security devices
     to ensure that they are in place where needed and in proper operating condition.
     Establish a monthly inspection of your security perimeter and key protective
     features of your facility.

     • Establish and follow strict visitor control procedures such as mandatory
     sign-ins, name badges, escorts, etc. In addition, all doors should be locked while
     school is in session, with a staff member monitoring who enters and exits.

     • Review your procedures for issuing facility keys and access cards. All
     staff, including parent volunteers and part-time or seasonal staff, should be
     screened before being issued building access. Keep lists of who has been
     issued keys/cards and have a procedure for handling a situation when a
     troubled employee is terminated without returning them.

     • If you are considering building a new facility or renovating a current one,
     make sure that security and disaster resilience is a large factor in the building

A natural disaster or security risk could happen in your school any day. It is imperative that you have a plan to handle these potential risks, both to ensure the safety of your students and staff and to avoid a financial crisis that could shut down your school. To prepare for the unexpected, you should review your security and disaster readiness plans to help you minimize the impact of any potentially threatening situation.

Keeping your building secure from outside criminals or unauthorized personnel is a paramount responsibility. Assess your facility’s current security features and determine where improvements should be made.