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Convenient Customer Self-Service Online

Service yourself via the Internet at your own convenience. Scirocco 24/7 provides customers with 24/7 access to their insurance information. You can view your policy online, request changes and issue your own insurance forms, such as auto ID cards and certificates of insurance.

          • Customer information is regularly uploaded from a variety of agency management
            systems to an Internet database

          • Customer requested policy changes are sent to the agency as an email with an
            attached request form. This attachment can be forwarded to the carrier and/or
            processed internally

          • Secure login makes it easy to give clients online access to confidential messages
            and documentation

Around-the-Clock Call Center Availability

Applied CSR24 Call Center allows agencies to provide 24/7 telephone servicing to customers without the expense of around-the-clock staffing. Using the Applied CSR24 Online Portal, Applied CSR24 operators can answer questions, receive claims and request policy changes on behalf of customers at any time of the day or night.

          • Applied CSR24 leverages the strength of state-of-the-art call center services

          • Applied telephone service representatives access the same information and
            functions your customers can via the Applied CSR24 Internet Module. This
            allows us to help them perform a wide variety of customer service transactions
            on the phone with more specific requests directed back to the brokerage for

          • All transactions are recorded and no transaction is complete until there is agent

          • All calls are recorded and the transaction data archived to ensure that the call
            can be reconstructed and the issue resolved

Premium Certificate Processing

Processing certificates of insurance can be time-consuming, which can affect the quality of customer service. Scirocco 24/7 enables efficient processing of certificates of insurance (COIs) requests for both insureds and agents.

          • Access to the latest ACORD forms

          • Customize certificate templates for streamlined workflows

          • Login-specific access to increase security of data and quality control

          • Increase RPE by processing more certificates in a shorter amount of time

          • Reduce costs with paperless delivery options