Important Snowplow Contract Elements to Consider


  • • Acquire your subcontractors’ Certificates of Insurance to make sure their liability limits are comparable to yours
  • • Check driving records for new hires and only use employees with prior experience
  • • Contractor should advise precise location and time of operation
  • • Contract should clarify property owner’s obligations
  • • Contractor should not be responsible for determining when work should be done
  • • Refrain from taking responsibility for property owner’s carelessness
  • • Steer clear of around-the-clock ice and property surveillance
Be Sure to Specify Your Obligations, Such As:

  • • Will only plow property when at least two inches of snow has fallen
  • • If requested by property owner, contractor will discharge salt or sand for separate fee
  • • Property owner will instruct where to pile snow
  • • Property owner will outline which surfaces are to be plowed
Proper snowplow contracts can help prevent your liability from piling up. It is important to have a clear contract for the work you will perform. Contractors should evaluate contracts to ensure all responsibilities and expectations are made clear to avoid any confusion.