Ways to prevent a cyber attack from causing a business interruption

          Cyber Attacks – A Growing Business Interruption Threat


A common saying in the cyber security world is, “It’s not if you’ll be a victim of a data breach, but when.” While 100 percent protection is impossible, you can help lower your chance of business interruption due to a cyber attack by following these tips:

        • Create a formal, documented risk management plan that addresses
        the scope, roles, responsibilities, compliance criteria and methodology
        for performing cyber risk assessments. This plan should include
        a characterization of all systems used at the organization based on
        their functions, the data they store and process, and their
        importance to the organization.

        • Make sure all firewalls and routers are secure and kept up to date.

        • Implement a cyber security policy that educates employees about
        the dangers of computer intrusions and how to prevent them. Scirocco
        Group can help you draft a cyber security policy specifically
        tailored to your company.

        • Download and install software updates for your operating systems
        and applications as they become available.

        • Implement a strict password policy and have employees
        change system passwords every 90 days.

        • Limit employee access to company data and information, and
        limit authority to install software. 

        • Make sure you are covered by a cyber liability insurance policy.

When you think about what usually causes a business interruption, natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes and floods probably come to mind first. These events can physically damage your property and equipment, making your workspace unusable for a time. The damages from Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy are great examples of how a natural disaster can put a halt to a business’ day-to-day operations. Many of those affected businesses remain closed to this day.

While natural disasters are still the main reason for an interruption, another cause is quickly moving up the ranks: cyber attacks. As businesses continue to rely on computers and digital storage of essential data, cyber attacks will continue to be a potential exposure. Read on to learn how a cyber attack could lead to a business interruption and what you can do to mitigate the risk.