Why You Need Security for Your Auto Dealer Management System

        Protecting Your Auto Dealer Management System


You use it so often you may not always realize the value of the information that your dealer management system holds. The benefit of these systems is that they are all-encompassing, providing you with the simplicity of one main resource for all of your company’s clerical information.

It helps you manage inventory, put in orders to suppliers, pay employees, calculate sales and even figure out financing information for customers. All aspects of your business are touched by your management system.

A breach could mean the loss of important company data, such as payroll, sales and tax information, and also customer personal and financial information. In the aftermath of a breach, not only could you face fines, but you could also be held liable for damages suffered by affected customers.

Whether it’s managing inventory, sales, financing or parts, you are probably well aware of the important role your dealership management system plays in your day-to-day operations. But have you ever stopped to think about what all of this localized data means from a security standpoint.

What is a valuable resource to you could be even more profitable for data thieves looking to access customers’ personal information. You have a legal responsibility to do everything you can to protect the personal information given to you by customers. It is important that you evaluate the security of your dealer management system and address any problems that you find.